Michael Ostreuss

Michael Ostreuss

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First Name * Michael
Last Name * Ostreuss
Username * Ostreuss
Country * Russia
City St.Petersburg
Nationality Russian
Languages EnglishRussian



Website tilzeran.blogspot.com


I'm architect experienced with richly-decorated, historical and national styles;3D-visualizer;3D-world-creator; painter.
My (old) studio is: in3dveritas.com
New blog is tilzeran.blogspot.com

I believe that 3D games need to achieve a new level of realism. This should be the next stage of physical relations and detailed environments. This may seem unimportant. Why 3D artist to know how to grow river valleys, or that cliffs of sandstone exclude the granite walls?
Only one of thousands of people know how correctly to draw a face. But everyone likes the Mona Lisa.

My dream - is a work in a team of companies such as Pyranha Bytes or Bethesda Softworks...


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